catherine_highres (14 of 15)About me: I am a freelance science journalist, from Ireland but based in Brussels, Belgium. I’m passionate about telling stories about science and scientists in new and creative ways. Today’s media environment is challenging and dynamic, and only the very best stories successfully cut through the noise. As writers, journalists and communicators, we have to stay ahead of the curve, and there’s never been a more rewarding time to work in this field either, as we experiment with new digital technologies and the world moves faster than we ever thought it could.

My background is in marine biology, and when I’m not writing about science, I’m campaigning for more stringent climate change measures. Our world is quite literally collapsing all around us and the recent COP24 shows that we still don’t have the right attitude – and it’s us who will suffer for it.

I’ve started working at META Group recently – a dynamic organisation that helps governments, regions and cities to improve conditions for start-ups to thrive. META also provides trainings for start-ups and entrepreneurs through initiatives like FET2RIN, and to potential angel investors through the ESIL project. I’m supporting META’s mission to bring scientist’s research from the lab to the market, through communications.

You can contact me at cathcollins89@gmail.com or ccsciencecommunications@gmail.com


MA in Journalism, Dublin City University
Postgraduate Certificate in Marine Biology, James Cook University
Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Marine Science, National University of Ireland Galway
Diploma in Irish, National University of Ireland Galway

Full CV can be found here CV (1).

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